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  • U NITRATE 500mg - Energy by UMARA. U NITRATE 500毫克 - UMARA帶來的能量

    UMARA U NITRATE 500mg - Energy by UMARA. U NITRATE 500毫克 - UMARA帶來的能量

    U NITRATE is a concentrated beetroot shot containing 500mg of nitrate (8mmol). We have chosen to increase the amount of nitrate in U Nitrate from the 400mg that several others have, up to 500mg (+25%).- If you have a VO2max of 60ml/kg/min or lower, then 500mg (8mmol) seems to be sufficient. If you have a higher oxygen uptake, we recommend taking 2 shots (see instructions).Usage:Drink 1-2 U Nitrate shots 2.5 hours before activity.Avoid spitting during the period from intake to the start of the activity as this interrupts the vasodilating effect of nitrate. You can drink and eat other things during this time, but your saliva, where the conversion from nitrate to nitrite should occur, should not leave the oral cavity and should be swallowed again. It's nothing you need to worry about, just do as usual, but just remember not to spit frequently during these 2.5 hours.Developed by Biomedical Scientists in Sweden to ensure that you as a customer always have safe and high-quality products.All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegan.Manufactured according to HACCP / GMP.Questions & Answers:How does U Nitrate work? The nitrate comes from beetroot concentrate and is converted through a series of steps into nitric oxide (NO), which is the active substance that dilates/relaxes our blood vessels. This reduces resistance in the blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and improves the efficiency of oxygen transport to the working muscles.Do I need to buffer U Nitrate? If you have an oxygen uptake above 60ml/kg/min, we recommend taking 2 shots 2.5 hours before activity. If you want to guarantee a maximized effect, you can also buffer the levels by taking 1 shot per day for 4-7 days before a competition. With buffering, it is sufficient to take 1 shot 2.5 hours before the start, regardless of oxygen uptake. U NITRATE是一款濃縮的甜菜根射擊劑,含有500毫克的硝酸鹽(8毫摩爾)。我們選擇將U Nitrate中的硝酸鹽含量從其他一些產品的400毫克增加到500毫克(增加25%)。- 如果您的最大氧氣攝取量(VO2max)為60毫升/千克/分鐘或更低,那麼500毫克(8毫摩爾)應該足夠。如果您的氧氣攝取量較高,我們建議服用2瓶射擊劑(請參考說明)。使用方法:活動前2.5小時飲用1-2瓶U Nitrate射擊劑。在攝取到活動開始期間避免吐口水,因為這會中斷硝酸鹽的血管擴張效果。在此期間,您可以飲用和進食其他東西,但是您的唾液,其中硝酸鹽應該轉化為亞硝酸鹽的地方,不應離開口腔,而應再次吞嚥下去。這不是您需要擔心的事情,只需像平常一樣,只是要記住在這2.5小時內不要經常吐口水。由瑞典的生物醫學科學家開發,以確保您作為客戶始終獲得安全和高質量的產品。所有成分均獲得歐洲食品安全局(EFSA)的批准。百分之百素食主義者。根據HACCP / GMP製造。問答:U Nitrate是如何起作用的?硝酸鹽來自甜菜根濃縮物,通過一系列步驟轉化為一氧化氮(NO),這是一種能夠擴張/放鬆血管的活性物質。這減少了血管阻力,增加了血液循環,並提高了將氧氣運輸到工作肌肉的效率。我需要緩衝U Nitrate嗎?如果您的氧氣攝取量超過60毫升/千克/分鐘,我們建議在活動前2.5小時飲用2瓶射擊劑。如果您想保證最大化的效果,您還可以通過在比賽前的4-7天每天服用1瓶射擊劑來緩衝水平。通過緩衝,只需在活動開始前2.5小時服用1瓶射擊劑,而不論氧氣攝取量如何。


  • U INTEND - 250mg Caffeine Shot - Energy by UMARA 翻譯為廣東話,可以譯為「你打算 - 250毫克咖啡因注射 - UMARA能量」。

    UMARA U INTEND - 250mg Caffeine Shot - Energy by UMARA 翻譯為廣東話,可以譯為「你打算 - 250毫克咖啡因注射 - UMARA能量」。

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    U INTEND is an awesome product with carefully selected ingredients, developed and specially adapted for endurance sports.Mix and drink U INTEND before the training session or the competition when you really want to get that little extra. Mix in any amount of water and drink before the session or mix into the sports drink to create your own caffeinated sports drink with good taste. Or have it directly from the pre-mixed in a 60ml lemon-flavored shot. Sometimes you may not have access to water + bottle but simply want a kick in the butt, then a concentrated shot is convenient in every way. Developed by Biomediciners in Sweden and manufactured according to HACCP / GMP in Sweden. This is so that you as a customer can always be sure that what you buy is safe and of the highest quality.All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegan. Frequently asked questions: What is it that stings the skin after I drink U Intend?It is a completely harmless and common effect from the amino acid Beta-Alanine. The tingling subsides once you start working out so get off the sofa with you ;)When should I drink U Intend?You have the full effect after 45-60 minutes. For training sessions/races shorter than 60 minutes, we therefore recommend that you drink U Intend 60 minutes before so that you have the full effect from the start. For longer races/competitions, you can advantageously drink it a little closer to the start and get the maximum effect a little later in the session. For really long races, we recommend a refill after 3-4 hours.Can I mix U Intend with sports drink?Yep! Possible flavor variations is an experiment for you, so please leave a review if it worked. Content:Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Leucine, Anti-Clumping Agent (Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Salts of Fatty Acids), Sodium Citrate, Caffeine, Aroma, Sweetener (Sucralose, Acesulfame-K).Active ingredientsCitrulline Malate – 6gBeta-Alanine – 3gArginine AKG – 3gCaffeine – 250mgMade in an environment that processes milk and nuts and may contain traces thereof. Safety information:Contains caffeine (250 mg/dose). Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women and not for people suffering from a medical condition, without first consulting a doctor. 將以下英文翻譯為廣東話: U INTEND係一個出色嘅產品,成分精心挑選,專為耐力運動而開發同調整。 訓練或比賽之前攪拌同飲用U INTEND,當你真係想要多啲能量嘅時候。可以加入任何份量嘅水攪拌,然後喺訓練或比賽之前飲用,或者攪入運動飲料度,自製一杯咖啡因運動飲料,味道都好好。或者直接飲用預先混合咗60毫升檸檬口味嘅注射劑。有時候你可能冇得到水同水樽,但只係想要一個提神嘅效果,咁濃縮嘅注射劑方便又實用。 由瑞典嘅生物醫學家開發,喺瑞典按照HACCP / GMP製造。咁樣你作為客戶,就可以始終確保你所購買嘅產品係安全同高質嘅。 所有成分都經過歐洲食品安全局(EFSA)批准。100%純素。 常見問題: 喺我飲用U INTEND之後,為什麼會有刺痛嘅感覺? 呢個係由氨基酸Beta-Alanine引起嘅完全無害同常見嘅效果。當你開始運動時,刺痛感會減輕嘅,所以就咪坐住喇,快啲動起嚟 ;) 我應該喺幾時飲用U INTEND? 喺45-60分鐘之後,你就會感受到完全效果。對於訓練/比賽時間少於60分鐘嘅情況,我哋建議你喺60分鐘前飲用U INTEND,咁樣你就可以從一開始就擁有完全效果。對於較長嘅賽事/比賽,你可以喺比賽開始嘅時間稍微接近一點,咁樣你就可以喺訓練過程中稍後一點時間獲得最大效果。對於非常長嘅比賽,我哋建議3-4小時後再補充一次。 我可以將U INTEND同運動飲料混合嗎? 可以!口味嘅變化係你嘅實驗,如果成功嘅話,請留下評論。 成分: 檸檬酸西地酯,Beta-Alanine,精氨酸α-酮戊二酸鹽,亮氨酸,抗結塊劑(磷酸三鈣,脂肪酸鎂鹽),檸檬酸鈉,咖啡因,香精,甜味劑(蔗糖精,安思維甜K)。 活性成分: 檸檬酸西地酯- 6克 Beta-Alanine - 3克 精氨酸AKG - 3克 咖啡因 - 250毫克U INTEND係一個精選嘅產品,成分經過精心挑選,專為耐力運動而開發同調配。 訓練或比賽前攪拌同飲用U INTEND,當你真係想要多啲能量嘅時候。可以加入任何份量嘅水攪拌,然後喺訓練或比賽前飲用,或者攪入運動飲品度,自製一杯帶有好味嘅含咖啡因嘅運動飲品。或者直接飲用60毫升檸檬口味嘅預先混合劑。有時候你可能冇得到水同水樽,但只係想要一個提神嘅效果,咁濃縮劑就非常方便。 由瑞典生物醫學專家開發,喺瑞典按照HACCP/GMP製造,咁樣你作為顧客就可以確保所購買嘅產品係安全同高質嘅。 所有成分經歐洲食品安全局(EFSA)批准,100%純素。 常見問題: 喺我飲用U INTEND之後,為什麼會有刺痛感? 呢個係由氨基酸Beta-Alanine引起嘅完全無害同常見嘅效果。刺痛感會喺你開始運動後減輕,所以快啲動起身啦 ;) 我應該喺幾時飲用U INTEND? 大約45至60分鐘後,你會感到完全效果。如果你嘅訓練或比賽時間少於60分鐘,我哋建議你喺60分鐘前飲用U INTEND,咁樣你就可以從一開始就獲得完全效果。對於長時間嘅賽事或比賽,你可以稍微靠近比賽開始時間飲用,咁樣你就可以喺訓練過程中稍後獲得最大效果。對於非常長嘅賽事,我哋建議大約3至4小時後再重新補充。 我可以同運動飲品混合U INTEND嗎? 當然可以!你可以嘗試不同嘅風味組合,如果成功嘅話,請留下評論。 產品成分: 檸檬酸西地酯、Beta-Alanine、精氨酸α-酮戊二酸鹽、亮氨酸、防結塊劑(三鈣磷酸鹽、脂肪酸鎂鹽)、檸檬酸鈉、咖啡因、香精、甜味劑(蔗糖精、安思維甜-K)。 有效成分: 檸檬酸西地酯- 6克 Beta-Alanine - 3克 精氨酸AKG - 3克 咖啡因 - 250毫克 此產品於含有牛奶同堅果嘅環境中製造,可能含有微量成分。 安全信息: 每劑含有250毫克咖啡因。不建


  • U LOADER Pear / Vanilla 1000g - Energy by UMARA. U LOADER 梨子/香草口味 1000克 - UMARA帶來的能量

    UMARA U LOADER Pear / Vanilla 1000g - Energy by UMARA. U LOADER 梨子/香草口味 1000克 - UMARA帶來的能量

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    U LOADER contains Palatinose as the sole source of carbohydrates. Palatinose is the brand name for the sugar Isomaltulose. It is a sugar with a low glycemic index (GI32), which is not optimal for a sports drink when you want quick energy, but for a carb loader, it is perfect. It has a 100% uptake and provides 4kcal/g, which is equivalent to the carbohydrate sources we have in our sports drinks.The main reason we chose Palatinose is that it is the first and so far the only sugar that has the international stamp "Happy Tooth" given by Tooth Friendly International to products that do not have a negative impact on our teeth. Palatinose is not an efficient carbohydrate source for a sports drink as it is absorbed 4-5 times slower than our carbohydrate sources in sports drinks and gels. The energy is therefore delivered slowly to our muscles, which is not desirable during training and competition.During a carbohydrate loading period lasting 2-3 days before a competition, the speed of uptake does not matter much (i.e., whether the carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscles in 10 minutes or after 40-50 minutes). Considering that Palatinose is tooth-friendly, we have chosen it for our U Loader.Pro tip:Creatine Monohydrate in combination with carbohydrates has been shown to lead to 82% faster glycogen storage compared to carbohydrates alone over a 24-hour period. Therefore, we recommend adding creatine if you are in a last-minute situation and need to top up your stores. During a normal loading period of 2-3 days, the body has time to store the carbohydrates as glycogen in the muscles, so there is no need to optimize with simultaneous creatine intake. However, if you are in a last-minute situation and want to be optimal, it is a tip to consider.Developed by Biomedical scientists in Sweden and manufactured in Sweden. Manufactured according to HACCP/GMP. All these steps are quality guarantees to ensure that you, as a customer, always receive a safe and highest quality product.All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegan.Q&A:Can I mix U Loader with more water? Absolutely, you can mix U Loader however you like to achieve the flavor strength you prefer. It works just as well with 300ml as with 1 liter. Our recommendation is 2 scoops in 300ml for the best taste. But you can adjust the dilution to your liking.Can I drink U Loader when I'm exercising at a low intensity? Absolutely, you can use U Loader as a sports drink. For doses up to a maximum of 60g of carbohydrates per hour during low-intensity workouts, it functions as an effective sports drink. For higher doses or during more intense workouts when the stomach is a bit more stressed, it is better to use our specialized sports drink U Sport 1:0.8, as it has a more efficient carbohydrate ratio for faster and higher uptake, which is gentler on the stomach. U LOADER包含Palatinose作為唯一的碳水化合物來源。Palatinose是糖分Isomaltulose的商標名稱。它是一種低升糖指數(GI32)的糖分,在追求快速能量的運動飲料中並不理想,但對於碳水化合物補充劑來說是完美的。它被100%吸收,並提供4千卡/克,這與我們運動飲料中的碳水化合物來源相等。我們選擇Palatinose的主要原因是它是第一個且目前唯一一種糖分,獲得了"Happy Tooth"這一國際認證,該認證由牙齒友好國際組織頒發給對我們的牙齒沒有負面影響的產品。Palatinose對於運動飲料來說並不是一種有效的碳水化合物來源,因為它的吸收速度比我們運動飲料和凝膠中的碳水化合物來源慢4-5倍。因此,能量在訓練和比賽期間逐漸釋放到我們的肌肉中,這在訓練和比賽中並不理想。在比賽前為期2-3天的碳水化合物補充期間,吸收速度並不重要(即碳水化合物在10分鐘內或在40-50分鐘後以肌肉中的肝醣形式儲存)。考慮到Palatinose對牙齒友好,我們選擇了它作為我們U Loader的成分。專業提示:研究表明,與單獨攝取碳水化合物相比,與碳水化合物結合的單水合肌酸能夠使肝醣儲存速度提高82%,在24小時內更快。因此,如果你處於最後時刻並需要補充儲存,我們建議添加肌酸。在正常的2-3天裝載期間,身體有足夠的時間將碳水化合物儲存為肌醣,因此無需同時攝取肌酸進行優化。但是,如果你處於最後時刻並想達到最佳效果,這是一個值得考慮的提示。由瑞典的生物醫學科學家開發,並在瑞典製造。按照HACCP/GMP制造。所有這些步驟都是質量保證,以確保您作為客戶始終獲得安全和最高品質的產品。所有成分均獲得了歐洲食品安全局(EFSA)的批准。百分之百素食主義者。問答:我可以加更多水來調配U Loader嗎?絕對可以,您可以根據自己的喜好調配U Loader,以達到您喜歡的口味濃度。無論是300毫升還是1升,它都能夠您可以隨意調配U Loader,以達到您喜歡的口味濃度。我們建議在300毫升水中加入2勺U Loader以獲得最佳口感。但您可以根據個人喜好調整稀釋度。我可以在低強度運動時飲用U Loader嗎?絕對可以,您可以將U Loader作為運動飲料使用。在低強度運動期間,每小時攝取不超過60克碳水化合物的劑量下,它作為一種有效的運動飲料。在劑量較高或在更劇烈的運動中,當胃部稍微受壓時,最好使用我們專門的運動飲料U Sport 1:0.8,因為它具有更高效的碳水化合物比例,可實現更快速和更高吸收,對胃部更加溫和。  

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  • Last stock! The Awesome UMARA Hoodie! 超讚的 UMARA 冷衫

    UMARA The Awesome UMARA Hoodie! 超讚的 UMARA 冷衫

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    The UMARA hoodie will keep you warm when needed. It is slightly longer because no one likes a sweater that rides up and lets the wind in. We promise it is really soft and comfortable. The hoodie has Umara logo on the chest and white text on the back. Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester Color: Gray Front pocket and hood Made in a WRAP-certified factory (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) Unisex Umara 冷衫會喺需要嘅時候保暖。佢稍長嘅設計唔會踏起,防止風吹入。我哋保證佢好柔軟同舒適。 呢件冷衫胸前有 Umara 嘅標誌,背後有白色嘅字。 物料:80% 棉,20% 聚酯纖維顏色:灰色有前袋同帽喺一間經 WRAP 認證嘅工廠生產(全球負責任認證生產)男女通用

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