Interview with Jonas Eklöf - Ultra distance running specialist

Interview with Jonas Eklöf - Ultra distance running specialist

, by Elliot Froidevaux, 11 min reading time


Jonas wins the HUB200Miles in a course record of 48h 39min. Photo Collage by Jonas Eklöf

BV: Hi, Jonas, thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions.
As you know, Boa Vista Running Co. has recently introduced UMARA to Hong Kong, and I would really appreciate some of your insights on how UMARA works for you, and how you fuel yourself with UMARA over the very long distance races that you compete in!

BV: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? How you got into running? And especially, into ultra distance running?

JE: Thanks for inviting me. Running and energy are some of my absolute favourite topics.
I’m a father of two (teenagers), husband, dog owner, and full time worker, living in an old house. Equals always something to do :)
I ran my first marathon in 2005 and used running as one of many forms of training. Main focus back then was Aikido, reaching the level of black belt in 2016.
I continued to run a marathon every other year. Then in 2017, I heard that there was something called Ultramarathons.
And luckily the closest one was Kullamannen (now Kullamannen by UTMB). So in 2018, I tried it for the first time and reached 100km and my first and only DNF.
But I loved the atmosphere, the friendliness of the fellow runners, and the feeling that it was everyone together against the course. And 2 days later, I’d signed up for Kullamannen 2019 (I finished 30th in one of the worst years ever with over 70% DNF).


BV: How many ultra races (100km+) have you completed, and what is the longest ultra you have completed thus far?

JE: 12 over 100km with two of them being a bit longer 246km and 200miles/322km.


BV: What distance would you consider as your sweet spot? And why?

JE: My track record says that the longer and tougher races are where I excel. With my first place at HUB200 miles 2022. With a new course record, 17hours ahead of the second place runner. And in 2023, the winner was still 10h slower than my 2022 time.
I think its my ability to keep going, and that is mainly thanks to really good fluid and energy planning, including caffeine. And of course a solid training foundation.

Jonas at UMTB 2023, 3 weeks after winning Transcania 246km unsupported. Photo Credit UTMB


BV: How long have you been fueling with UMARA?

JE: In 2018, I used a lot of different things during the race, and I also ate everything the Aid Stations (AS) had to offer.
In 2019, I found UMARA. I used their energy calculator on their website, I bought 70 packs with U GEL, and emptied them into soft bottles for easier eating.
In 2020, I started to mix U SPORT with only a little bit of water to create my own gels (to save some money). It worked really well, even if the flavour got a bit intense. I shared how I used U SPORT with Simon and Tommy (UMARA Founders) and other Ultrarunners. Now UMARA has a version of U SPORT that’s neutral for us runners that mix our own “gels”. 🙏🏾❤️


BV: What UMARA products do you use to fuel your long runs? And why?

JE: I bring U SPORT mixed as sports drink or gel on all my training sessions. When I do heat and altitude adaptation sessions in a sauna, I bring 2 liters of water with 6 scoops of U SPORT. That’s 180g of carbs which I will drink over a 1 hour session.
The reason for using U SPORT at every training session is twofold, as it is also a means of training my body to take in more carbs and to keep my stomach used to the intake of liquid carbs for fueling during my races.
It takes roughly 5 weeks for someone to adapt to a higher intake of fluid carbs 90-120g of carbs per hour.


BV: There are many sports nutrition brands out there, but how is UMARA different, especially for ultra distances?

JE: UMARA has a really good mixture of carbohydrates that enables you to maximize the intake. The U GELs are easy to consume. And the flavours are balanced.



Jonas wins Transcania 246km 2023 in 31h 56min. Photo Credit: Joans Eklöf


BV: This summer, you won the Transcania 246 in 31 hours. A 246km trail race from the West coast of Sweden to the East Coast, and back - without any AS, just one drop bag in the middle of the woods, and next to no outside support. You then went on to finish UTMB (170km, 10,000mD+) less than 3 weeks later!!! Being two completely different races, in distance, landscape and elevation, did you change any of your nutrition for UTMB vs Transcania 246? How did it generally work for you?

JE: My goal for Transcania was to set a new course record. Drum roll… I missed it by 11 minutes. But had a 4h margin over the runner in second place. You can use outside help and pacers in this race. I chose not to have any. But maybe next time.
I often tell people that my training plans are boring and my energy plan is boring. I try to reach 140km/week during my normal training period and 90-95% is at an easy pace.
For my energy plan, it is 30grams of U SPORT per 50ml of water, mixed as a gel which I consume every 15-20 minutes from the start of the race until I finish. I also use caffeine from the start. I take 250-300mg of caffeine (U INTEND) before I start, which usually lasts me about 4.5 hours. I then top up with 25mg/hour or 50mg/2hours. If it’s hot I take 1-2 salt tablets/hour (U SALTY). And I drink water when I’m thirsty.
This also means that I don’t change my energy plan between different races. Even when I run marathons, I have the same plan (PB 3H 13m)
At HUB200 miles I used the same plan for 48:39, and it worked really well. I didn’t even need to sleep.

BV: And finally, how can people follow you on social media?

JE: You can find me @curremus on Instagram and FB. And there is also some random stuff on energy, running races, and training at


BV: Thank you for your time, and hope to see you on the trails in Sweden next summer, or Hong Kong perhaps in the future! We have many trails here, and plenty of stairs !!

JE: That’s sounds lovely, don’t be a stranger! I’m always up for a run and a Swedish fika 🤟🏽

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