Salts and Minerals for Optimum Performance

Salts and Minerals for Optimum Performance

, by Elliot Froidevaux, 4 min reading time

Published by Umara for Boa Vista Running Co. Limited. 

Whether you're running a marathon, cycling the Gran Forno, training for an Ironman, or having your eyes set on UTMB, everyone sweats to some extent. The body sweats as a way to cool down from the heat generated by physical activity. However, when you sweat, you also lose salts, electrolytes, and minerals. These substances play a crucial role in maintaining normal muscle function and ensuring proper fluid absorption and balance in the body.

Numerous studies have explored the topic of electrolyte balance in athletes, but there is still no strong consensus on the long-term supplementation of electrolytes during training. However, research does agree that there are no adverse effects to replacing lost salts, and no reported cases of illness or problems associated with salt replacement during exercise have been documented. In fact, if anything, salt replacement can be beneficial, particularly during longer workouts when significant sweating occurs.

To summarize, ordinary tap water is sufficient as the main fluid replacement during and after physical activity lasting up to an hour in Sweden, or cooler winter days in Hong Kong. However, additional electrolyte supplements and/or sports drinks can be beneficial for maintaining electrolyte balance during prolonged performance. These minerals have various functions, such as sodium's ability to minimize fluid loss through urine during activities like marathons.

For example, a Spanish study conducted in 2016 tested sports drinks with and without added salt for triathletes participating in longer distances. The results clearly showed that the group receiving extra salt capsules in addition to regular sports drinks, water, and gels experienced significant benefits. One possible explanation for this is that many sports drinks on the market contain insufficient amounts of salt and minerals. This was a crucial consideration in the development of Umara's sports drink, U Sport.

Umara's sports drinks and gels contain a high dosage of salts and electrolytes, usually enough to compensate for the loss of these substances through sweat. However, if you are competing or exercising in very hot weather, or if you are aware that you lose a substantial amount of salts and electrolytes during physical activity, there may be a reason to consider additional salt supplementation. Umara's U Salty salt tablets, for instance, can be used in such cases.

Each U Salty tablet contains 250mg of sodium (equivalent to 10mmol or 2.5dl of sweat), which helps increase the salinity of your sports drink if you sweat excessively. The mineral levels in these tablets are calculated to replenish the minerals lost through sweat. This also reduces the risk of hyponatremia, a condition that can occur when you consume excessive fluids without adding salt. Hyponatremia dilutes the body's sodium levels, which are lost through sweat.


Energy by UMARA - U SALTY. Salt tablets


You can either dissolve or crush the tablets in water or sports drinks, or you can simply swallow them as they are. The tablets have a neutral, salty taste and can be mixed with most beverages. One tip is to grind the tablet before mixing it into the sports drink to help it dissolve more easily.

Our U Hydrate effervescent electrolyte tablets are equivalent to 2 U Salty tablets and are available in two refreshing flavors. Mixing one U Hydrate tablet with 500ml of water replenishes the salts lost through 500ml of sweat.


Energy by UMARA - U HYDRATE. Electrolyte Tabs


Additionally, we offer the U Bar Salty Caramel Peanut, an energy bar with a higher salt content. The amount of salt in each bar corresponds to the salt lost through 3.5dl of sweat.



Energy by UMARA - U SALTY BAR. Salty Caramel / Peanut **Consult allergens on product description**

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